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Medical astrology can offer important and life saving information. Through the application of medical astrology, one can solve medical issues before they appear. Moon: Taurus is regarded as a good zodiac sign for the Moon and generally the well accepted Taurus Moon is healthy. People under stress suffer from neck and throat issues.

Mumps and a strep throat are common among the natives of Taurus. All kinds of sore throats and issues with the esophagus come under Taurus. As public speakers and singers depend heavily on these organs, those people who have Moon in the Taurus should take special care of these parts of their body. People under this zodiac sign also suffer from ear aches. Giving warmth to the throat helps in preventing these issues. People can also suffer from arthritis in the neck and can also have blockages in the veins.

Sun: Taurus people love foods and here the lies the main problem. The Sun in Taurus causes weight gain.

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There is also another reason for weight gain that occurs with the Taurus domain known as hypothyroid condition. The skin of these people generally turns dry and can even flake anywhere in the body.

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The Sun in Taurus causes hair fall. Tiredness is another common issue with Taurus. Low blood pressure is a common problem in these people. Regardless of their gender, people coming under this zodiac sign generally suffer from throat issues like colds and hoarseness. These people are mostly susceptible to strep infections and have meaner sore throats which persist for a longer duration than compared to other sun signs.

Taurus loves to eat different types of vegetables, fruits, meat and bread. Taurus rules the cervical vertebrate, lower teeth and jaw, palate and chin. When the Sun enters Taurus sore throats, ear aches and stiff necks are common complaints among these people. Biswarup Tarafder. Medical Astrology Taurus, Taurus Health Issues Medical astrology is a division of Vedic astrology which handles the health aspect of human beings.


Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person. Astrology Articles. Rising Sign. Yet long term, you are very willing to assume responsibility and shoulder more than your fair share of the load. You may be materialistic, often showing interests in money, security, and comforts in life. To those you love, you often show your feelings in a material way, and you appreciate the same in return.

The Taurus personality is sometimes too concerned with money and possessions. Perhaps a little indulgent and luxury-loving, you relish creature comforts and appreciate beautiful possessions. Because of these interests, you have good taste in clothing and furnishings. You also may have a talent for landscaping and working with plants and flowers to make your surrounding more pleasant and appealing.

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You may excel as a cook, but even if you don't have the inclination to prepare it, you certainly enjoy food; perhaps too much. Because of this, you may have a battle with your weight.

Sun In Taurus

A slow metabolism and lack of interest in exercise often compound this problem. A natural interest in art and music often leads to careers or hobby pursuits in some form of art. Taurus is the sign that rules the throat, so you may have a fine singing and speaking voice. Love relationships are very important to you.

Since you don't like being alone, you may settle for a partnership that is less than ideal, instead of accepting loneliness. Once settled in a relationship, you are very steadfast and dependable. You are exceedingly loyal, and make a very faithful friend. Toggle navigation.