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Take a look. For this purpose, canvas is a high-quality yet economical choice. The canvas is also available in many different sizes. But the number photo collage can also be created as a poster.

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Shipping to United Kingdom Ireland Netherlands. We deliver with:. All prices incl. If you want to present your own number photo collage for a celebration, you should plan in advance.

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Creating and printing your collage may take several days. It would be very disappointing to go to all that trouble just to turn up at the celebration without your gift. Number photo collage Select: Many images With text Create collage. Choose your Number Collage template. Collage 50 photos.

Heart photo collage. Text collage.

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Photo collage number A photo collage is always a wonderful gift idea. Did you know? Remember to have someone take a photo of your birthday boy and yourself beaming with pride too! A recent trend with little ones is to photograph a cake smash for their first birthday. This is a fun way to celebrate their first year of life and let them make a mess too!

Make sure the space is free of clutter. If you want, you can add party decorations or even give your child a party hat with a big number 1 on it. Then place the small cake or cupcake in front of the birthday baby and get ready to capture the smiles and laughter as she mashes the cake up and has a ball.

To see more of Kristina's photos visit her website: www. To see more of Kathy's photos visit her website: www. To see more of Karen's photos, visit her Flickr page. By clicking Sign Up, you are opting to receive educational and promotional emails from Nikon Inc. You can update your preferences or unsubscribe any time. Search Articles. Glossary Off On. Take lots of shots as your birthday girl blows out the candles on her cake or cupcakes. Here's a birthday boy getting ready to blow out the candles. Capturing the natural candlelight makes for a more pleasing photo than turning on the flash and completely lighting the scene.

Take a nice portrait of the smiling birthday girl.

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This little girl even has a birthday tiara. The backyard, filled with flowers makes a nice background. This is a sweet portrait of a baby, complete with birthday dress and matching birthday hat.

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Snap a few pictures of the guests arriving with colorfully wrapped presents, like this boy hiding behind a trio of gift boxes. Candid images are timeless reminders of happy events. Take plenty of group shots of everyone having a great time.

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Take a few frames, just in case someone blinked. After you photograph all the girls, zoom in and get a photo of just the birthday girl and her best friend. Remember to hand the camera to someone else so you can have a photographic memory of you and your child celebrating his birthday. The Cake Smash. To do it you set up a spot on the floor with a small birthday cake, a baby and let the smashing begin.

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Take close ups as well as wider shots showing the entire cake being smashed. While some babies tend to make a real mess of the cake smash, this little lady is focusing on mommy out of the frame while she eats a big chunk of cake. Did you like this article? Tamara is a Nikon Ambassador. More Like This More articles like this. Article Collections.