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No one should live in fear of eviction. Trump directed top officials in his administration to talk to Rudy Giuliani about Ukraine as early as May, sources say, going around official channels. Two California utilities said they may cut power to more than , customers for days starting Wednesday morning because of dry winds that could cause fires. The outages could affect everything from medical devices to street lights, authorities say. China is cutting business ties with this NBA team because of a tweet supporting protesters in Hong Kong.

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Play the system right, Cancer

Create your own feed. Chris Hayes chrislhayes 2 hours ago. That White House letter is deranged. More 8.

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The Washington Times WashTimes 3 hours ago. Jenan Moussa jenanmoussa 43 minutes ago. Gavin Newsom GavinNewsom 1 hours ago. This is a test that has no right or wrong answers, Leo—similar to what your life is actually bringing you right now. The path symbolizes how you get here.

The key is the capacity or knowledge you will need. She said I should be able to identify at least 25 species of trees, 25 flowers, 25 herbs, 25 birds and eight clouds.

In the coming weeks, I vow to correct for my dereliction of duty. I urge you to follow my lead, Virgo.

Is there any soul work that you have been neglecting? Now would be an excellent time to catch up. Make that your mantra.

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Success is of course still quite feasible at other times, but you might find most grace and ease if you align yourself with the cosmic flow. According to my understanding, if you do it between now and July 23, the experiences you have will free your ass, and—hallelujah! If you schedule your getaway for another time, you could still free your ass, but may have to toil more intensely to get your mind to join the fun.

The compulsion that sometimes sabotages you and sometimes inspires you? The longing that can either fool you or make you smarter?

Free Will Astrology

Is there anything you can do to ensure that the changes it undergoes will lead you away from the hateable consequences and closer to the loveable stuff? For starters: Do a ritual—yes, an actual ceremony—in which you affirm your intention that your obsession will forever after serve your highest good and brightest integrity.

I suggest you enjoy similar insurrections in the coming week, Capricorn. Rise up and overthrow your attachment to boring familiarity. I see this as an important principle for you right now, Aquarius. I say that singing really loudly can help purge your soul of any tendency it might have to ignore its deepest promptings.

Well Being

I bring these ideas to your attention, Pisces, because I believe the current astrological omens are suggesting that you do some really loud singing. Washing the dirt and debris out of your brain will do wonders for your mental hygiene.

And your soul could use a boost as it ramps up its wild power to pursue its most important dreams. ARIES March April 19 Swans, geese and ducks molt all their flight feathers at once, which means they may be unable to fly for several weeks afterward.

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Anything resembling flight—launching new ventures, making big decisions, embarking on great adventures—should probably be postponed until the metamorphosis is complete and your feathers grow back. This prodigious feat of engineering is I nominate it to serve as your prime metaphor in the coming weeks. Picture it whenever you need a boost as you work to connect previously unlinked elements in your life.