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Aries Weekly Horoscope, August September 1. You are a distractable individual, Gemini. You get distracted by gossip, by handsome men or pretty women , interesting business ideas, and a lot of other things. But all it does is waste your time and stray you from your personal goals in life. So learn to say no to these distractions and focus on your goals for now. Because your love life will reap the benefits of being more disciplined. Especially when it comes to being loyal to your partner. You can never change destiny, Cancer. So why try controlling the outcome of your love life? If you are destined to be rejected, you will be. And if you are not, no force in the world can stop that someone from being your one and only. So live fearlessly. Because while you cannot control your fate, you can still control how you react to it every day. Ideas that are executed too early tend to fizzle out and die, Leo.

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The same happens to romances that burst out like firecrackers without letting things develop organically. So hold that love in your heart and keep it still. Let it flower within the folds of your soul. Let it build with time and temper through life's circumstances. And then, once it's strong enough, let it burst out. Because then, and only then, will there be no stopping it. You are still hung up over someone, Virgo. Not because you want to get back together with this person, but because you haven't tied up all the loose ends in your romance. What are those loose ends?

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We do not know. It could be the inability to say sorry for something you know was your mistake. Or it could be returning something of theirs that you are still holding on to. Whatever it is, you need to find the courage to go now and tie it up.

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  4. That's the only way this chapter will close and allow you to open a brand new page in your love life. Love does not lie in the broad strokes of romantic gestures, Libra. It lies in the small things we fail to see when we are not paying attention. Things like cooking them a healthy breakfast every day until we both are 80, or asking each other how the day was when they come home.

    Because if you shift your focus to these small acts of love, you will realize that your love life is more abundant than you previously thought. And that will teach you to cherish the person you have in your life right now. Don't expect your partner to stand up for you if you are not willing to do that for yourself, Scorpio. Because everyone's idea of standing up is different. And for all you know, they probably thought it was no big deal! The point is, if you don't like something, don't wait for your partner to back you up and fight your fight. You fight your fight.

    That's the only way you will gain respect. If you have been stretching a relationship beyond its expiration date, Sagittarius, you will soon find yourself forcibly cut off from it. When that happens, don't deny the pain.